Revelation 3:8 (New International Version)
I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

The child is the beauty of God present in the world – that greatest gift to a family.” (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta)

Monday, February 13, 2012

We have our Written. Referral.

Hello Everyone, I wanted you all to know that we received our written referral!! What this means is we have been given permission to go see our children. I am working on my flight now and cannot wait to see the children for the first time.
I also wanted to update you all on the past week. We received news that our children especially the girls were not doing very good, this is nothing short of what we already knew from pictures alone, but hearing it is a different story. I had spent last week crying and feeling very down that despite being a nurse I was not able to do anything for these children. They were in their country and I was here. I worried that even though the process of adoption was happening that it would not be enough time to get these children here to the US for the medical care they needed. I spent a lot of time praying and being reassured that God had a plan and that he loved these children way before I ever seen their picture and committed to their adoption. I also had to remember that these girls have a will to live they have been crib ridden for over 10 years and are the size of toddlers. Our prayers were answered and on Wednesday we heard that The Minister of Justice and child protective services along with a very respected hospital in the country together took involvement in this children's institution. Changes are slow but at least the orphanage now is on their radar. We then heard news that 3 children from this particular place would be transferred to this hospital for 10-14 days to see if they can start with the careful re-feeding process. It happened to be our 3 children. The hospital would treat them with no charge but we would have to pay their transportation/ nurse to make the journey with the children. We gladly sent the money but were still worried about the children making this trip. The past few weeks the snow had been knee-high and the roads did not get plowed or salted. I could not help but picture Monday morning coming and the children being bundled up with many clothes, jacket and a hat and quickly rushed to the van waiting outside. I pictured one by one wondering why this day was so different then all the other days of lying in the crib. I wondered what they would think of the cold air as they were whisked outside and the bumpy ride 80 or so miles away. I wanted to scream that Mommy is here and that they would be okay, that this hospital would take good care of them. So today Monday morning I received news that the children have arrived safely but our son was not able to go. Butler as you know him as (this is his RR name) has infectious diarrhea he was placed in isolation and the hospital felt it was to risky to admit him for fear that it would spread in the hospital. He had to stay behind and if his diarrhea and vomiting resolve he may travel later. Instead another child who you all know as Kolina (from RR) made the trip. It was felt that she was also in rough shape. She is very Blessed to also have a mother who has committed to adopting her.
Please pray that all the children do well and that Butler (who we will call Jeremiah "Jeremy" for short) will get over this virus. He cannot lose much weight or it will also put his life in danger.


  1. Wow. God is definitely working on their behalf. I will keep praying for your babies, and for their mommy to be filled with peace.

  2. Oh my prayers are with all those beautiful little humans. I am so glad they are getting care and that they are receiving attention. How blessed you are to have one another in both person and long distance.

    XOXO Jane (a reader/mom in Los Angeles)

  3. Praise God the girls are getting the care they need & that Kolina was able to go as well. Praying for Butler.

  4. I told Susanna this, but even though no one ever shared with me who the child was that she posted about being in danger, I could see your daughter's face in my mind when I prayed. Technically I knew it could be any one of over a dozen children, but when I prayed, I saw your little girl. Somewhere, deep down, I knew. I longed to know who I was praying for but I trusted in God that He knew and that He would care for her just the same as if I had spoken her name. But I knew.

    I am sending up the loudest of praises today that your girls and Kolina are safely in the hospital, where they will be given the best care available in their country. I am making the same great noise in prayer on behalf of your son. Until they are all home, even after... you will ALL be in my prayers. I can't imagine how you must have felt this past week, with such a heavy burden on your mind and so far away. I can't imagine being so intimately involved with such a delicate situation wherein your children's lives hang in the balance. But God has chosen for them an amazing mother in whom His glory is evident. Praise Be to Him.

    It is a relief to know that you have gotten your written referral. I can't wait to hear that you are holding those precious babies and giving them a Mama's love. I hope that things can be expedited as much as possible in order to get them home to you as safely and soundly as possible. I know things are very delicate - but update us when you can, if you can, in whatever way you can... even if it's just to tell us when to pray harder than ever before. Bless you and your family - every one of you are so beautiful.

  5. I have been praying for your girls and will continue. I'll also keep Jeremiah in my prayers.

  6. We will pray for your little ones, that they achieve health and stay safe. As we begin our adoption process to Bulgaria for our little boy, it is things like this that scare me!

  7. I am praying for you and all of your babies! I am so thankful to hear that they are getting medical atention from the hospital. May God bless you all!

  8. Dear Miss Jenny, I have been following your journey through my friend Susanna's blog. We have taped up your children's photo on our candle that sits right in the middle of the kitchen table as a reminder to hold them and their caretakers in prayer throughout the day. We will also pray for a safe journey for you, and that your family here thrives despite your absence. Thank you for sharing your story. Peace and love from Charlotte, NC. (