Revelation 3:8 (New International Version)
I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

The child is the beauty of God present in the world – that greatest gift to a family.” (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sat and Sunday

Hi Everyone,

We have been visiting the kids everyday while our facilitator has been doing some of the needed paperwork. We take 2 buses in the morning to get to the orphanages. One bus is more like a van and as long as the door closes your in. I am not kidding you will see a small van pass by and people smooched up against the glass. My husband turns to me and says....You think we can squish in ?? You also do an honour system with paying for the bus. You just tap the person in front of you and pass up the money. You will see the money going from the back of the bus to the front and then if someone needs change you just keep passing it back until it falls in the right person's hands. It is actually funny that no one pockets the money. Sometimes there are older women and they get on the bus...I motion quietly to Steven and he offers his seat to the older lady. Not one will sit down. I guess that is why I see no young men ask these older women as they get on the bus if they want their seat. I think these older women are very tough and strong.
Everyday we stop at the corner store and buy cookies (they usually are not chocolate) but this time I decided to give the kids a special treat... Chocolate cookies! Yahoo right?? NOT! let's just say never again. First of all the kids in these 2 groups (classrooms) of the orphanage had chocolate all over their mouths and hands but the worst part was poor Ellia broke out in some hives! It was not bad but still I felt horrible. Great job Jenny! She had the hives on her theighs and stomach. Let me just stick to the good old Maria crackers.
After our visit on Saturday, we went to the park in the center. Elijah had so much fun. I will download some pictures later. I will post some more of the kids. I love Black and white pictures and I will post them too.
Today is Sunday and it is gray here but warm. We are getting ready to go to the apartment and I think we might go see a basketball game but just not sure. Nicholas is an American and he lives here. He is 28 or so and married. Last year we met him and over the year have all kept contact. He is the one who showed us around the center yesterday. He has lived here with his wife for a few years now so he really knows how to get around and speak.